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The Season of Letting Go & Growth

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. As we see the trees let go of their leaves, fall can also be a time of personal reflection. We can take a lesson from nature on how to release and let go. It can also be a time of growth, which is normally associated with Spring.

This fall, I encourage you to try a few things to help you let go of what might be ready to fall away from your life.

1. Go through your belongings and give away whatever you aren’t using. If it’s not being used and it doesn’t make you happy, pass it along or recycle it. Clearing out clutter feels so good because it opens up more space and feels like you’re letting go of dead weight.

2. Sit with yourself and write down the answers to these questions: What did I accomplish this year that I’m so proud of? What do I want to say goodbye to? What do I still want to complete before the year is over? For me, the answers were surprisingly insightful and helped me feel grateful for everything that changed in my life. Taking stock like this really helped me realize that letting go makes room for the new to come in.

The main thing I learned is to let fall away what has to fall away in your life (even the things you might want to cling to). I paid attention to what lights me up and what makes me feel good—and also what was draining, stressing me out, and causing me to feel super frustrated. The things that caused me tension were the things I needed to let fall away.

The growth I experienced came from learning more about myself as I went through the questions I mentioned earlier. I also received joy from donating the items that no longer served me. I donated most of those items to a local thrift store that runs a no-kill animal shelter.

Let this change of seasons be your season of letting go and growth.

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